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Scotts Bluff County
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Background Pictures by Allison Johnson

  Field Trips    

Lists of birds seen on field trips are available   Here

Visitors are welcome on our field trips, no experience needed. There is no charge for any of the field trips, we encourage beginner birders to come and learn with us


*2015 Field Trip Bird Lists* 


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June 11, 2016
Field Trip Carter Canyon area. Meet at Fresh Foods in Gering at 7:00am. We should be back around 1:00

June 18, 2016
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies BioBlitz at Oliver Reservoir in Kimball.
Meet at Fresh Foods in Gering at 6:30 am. **Note Time Change** This is a two day event, we will only go on Saturday. Lunch will be provide, after lunch we will head back to Scottsbluff and may do some birding along the way.
For more info go to their facebook page at
Bioblitz at Oliver Reservoir Recreation Area

August 14, 2016
Annual Audubon Picnic will be held at 5:00pm at Gardener Park in Gering at the shelter. Bring a covered dish, table service and a lawn chair. Drinks will be furnished.

September 3-5 (Labor Day Weekend)
Bird Banding open to the public at Chadron State Park (not an Audubon field trip)

September 10-11, 2016
Field Trip to the Black Hills.  Please let Kathy DeLara know if you would like to go on this trip. We will make plans as a group once we know who all is going. Brad and Connie McKinney will host a cookout for us on Saturday evening.


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September 17, 2016
Scotts Bluff County Fall Bird Count. Meet at Arby’s at 7am, we should be back in town by 1:00 and may go out again in the afternoon.


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October 29, 2016

Waterfowl and Cranes Field Trip. Meet at Arby’s at 8am. We will bird the lakes and ponds looking for migrating water fowl and fields around the lakes to look for Sandhill Crane We should be back to town around 1pm


December 17, 2016
Scotts Bluff County Christmas Bird Count. Meet at Arby’s at 7:00am. Count sites will be assigned at this time. This is an all day count but help is appreciated for any amount of time. We will be back at Arby’s around 1:00 for lunch then go back out in the afternoon. Feeder watchers within the count circle are also needed. 
For more information contact  Alice Kenitz at
akenitz@prairieweb.com or 308-436-2959








For more information contact Alice Kenitz  email  308-436-2959  or
Kathy DeLara at renosmom@charter.net   308-631-2792





Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas II Project Field Trips
Bird list for Previous years  Field Trips

For more information on the Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas II Project go to
Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas Project

For a list of birds counted in 2007 for the atlas project, on the field trips or by individuals  Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas Counts




Lists of birds seen on field trips are available on  Kathy's web site 



Crescent Lake May 2006


Field Trip Contacts

Alice Kenitz   308-436-2959  email
Kathy De Lara  308-632-3047  email
Phyllis or Dean Drawbaugh  308-632-4869
Helen Hughson  308-632-4765  email